Games of the Year 2009

This year I will continue my tradition by picking what I think were the best games of the year.

Best Action/Adventure Game

Winner: Batman: Arkham Asylum

Runner-Up: Assassins’s Creed 2, Resident Evil 5, Uncharted 2 & Brutal Legend

A lot of people were surprised about how great this game was. Whenever you hear about a Batman game, people do start to cringe. Not anymore as this was a great game and a great experience. And considering this year’s releases, it had a lot of competition.

Best Fighting Game

Winner: Fight Night Round 4

Runner-Up: UFC 2009 Undisputed

No disrespect to Street Fight IV but that’s not my style. Besides Fight Night Round 4 was just a complete experience and was a lot of fun. Round 4 improves a lot on Round 3 which itself was a great game. UFC 2009 also deserves a nod here but I still feel it can improve a lot more.

Best Single-Player Game

Winner: Assassins Creed 2

Runner-Up: Infamous

Assassins Creed 2 did a lot of things right. It improved on a lot of problems the first game had and ended up creating a great experience. I really enjoyed the story here, minus the ending.

Best Platform Game

Winner: Trials HD

Runner-Up: ‘Splosion Man

Platforming games are no specifically my favorite category but you know what, Trials HD was a very great game. There was a big risk of failure here since not a lot of people knew what this game was. Given the title and the lack of hype going in, I think the game was great. It’s the perfect mix of skill and fun.

Best Racing/Driving Game

Winner: Need for Speed Shift

Runner-Up: Forza Motorsport 3

There were too many great racing games for me to pick from this year. I could have put Dirt 2 in here if I wanted to, but you know what Shift has to be one of my favorite games. It did something no other game has ever done, make me want to drive in cockpit view. The game is phenomenal in cockpit view and all the other features of this game make it a complete experience.

Best Shooter

Winner: Modern Warfare 2

Runner-Up: Halo 3: ODST

I’m sorry are you expecting any other title to win best shooter? The only thing we can argue here is runner-up. But people forget that ODST was a great game in itself. If only Firefight had matchmaking.

Best Strategy Game

Winner: Halo Wars

Yeah so what, this game is basically running unopposed in my opinion. That does not take away from how great this game was. This is one of the only games to actually get me interested in a RTS.

Best Graphic Technology

Winner: Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X.

Runner-up: Need for Speed: Shift

A great game considering what it is doing. But 0n top on that is this beautiful world that you can fly by and admire. Sometimes you just want to fly in the city as close as you can, just to see what you can do. Most of the time it ends in a crash.

Best Story

Winner: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Runner-up: Batman: Arkham Asylum

Although it has it’s faults, the game did have a great story and I was very interested the entire time. It was a long game and to keep me interested the entire time is a testament to how great the story is.

Best Movie Game

Winner: Wanted: Weapons of Fate

Runner-up: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

You are probably cringing at the idea of a movie game but you know what, these two games were great. Honestly I loved Wanted and the game was great, although short. Wolverine was also a great game.

Best Multiplayer

Winner: Modern Warfare 2

Runner-up: Left 4 Dead 2

Again are you surprised? Although it is important to note that this game just doesn’t do deathmatch. They did add Spec-Ops this year which is pure awesomeness. Please add more.

Best Co-Op Game

Winner: Resident Evil 5

Runner-up: Borderlands

People forgot about this game, but it is a great game designed with multiplayer in mind. I had a lot of great and bad experiences in this game.

Best New IP

Winner: Borderlands

Runner-up: inFamous

Please add more to this franchise. Please add more support. Please!! This game came out of nowhere and completely ate up a lot of my time.

Best Innovative Design

Winner: Red Faction: Guerrilla

Red Faction: Guerrilla had on great idea and it worked well and that’s the building destruction. Granted that’s not an original idea but the way they did it was really innovative and fun.

Best Game Add-On

Winner: Fallout 3: Broken Steel

Runner-up: GTA IV DLC

Level cap increase, no game ender, added story, more weapons. Really how do you compete with that?

Biggest Surprise

Winner: Borderlands

Runner-up: Batman: Arkham Asylum

Like I said earlier, this game did come out of nowhere and was so great.

Biggest Disappointment

Winner: Tony Hawk: Ride

Runner-up: Nintendo manufacturers

Do I really need to make a comment here about Ride? And Nintendo, when you release a game, please make sure I can buy it. Don’t release a New Mario in limited quantities.

Best Messed Up ending

Winner: F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

Runner-up: Modern Warfare 2

Okay, yes I know the first FEAR had a messed up ending, but you know what FEAR 2 was really really messed up. I don’t want to talk about it. And Call of Duty, the whole ending section is crazy.

Most Messed Up Story

Winner: Bionic Commando

Your wife is your arm! That’s all I have to say about that.

Best Achievements

Winner: Halo 3:ODST

With the Vidmaster and firefight achievements this game did a great job with achievements.

Best Idea we need more of

Winner: FPSRPG, or whatever Borderlands is

Runner-up: Avatar awards

Yeah I know I keep talking about Borderlands. But another thing I wanted to mention was Avatar Awards. I hope more games include these in the future.

Best Downloadable Game

Winner: Shadow Complex

Runner-up: Battlefield 1943

Shadow Complex should have been a full game, but that is how great this game is. It is very Metroid like but I loved it. Battlefield 1943 was very awesome as well.

Game of the Year

Winner: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Runner-ups: Batman: Arkham Asylum, Assassin’s Creed 2, Borderlands, and Uncharted 2.

This was the harderst choice I had to make. Any of the runner-ups would have made a great choice and I would have been happy with it. But you know what Modern Warfare is a combination of all that is great in these other games and does more. With the new Spec-Ops, a great story, and great multiplayer. This is a game I will be playing for a long time.


my top 50: 10 through 1

10). TOCA Race Driver 3


My favorite driving game of all year is made by Codemasters. It was a great driving game that had a lot of crazy cars to include F1 cars, go karts, and lawnmowers.

9). Syphon Filter 2


The first video game series I loved. This kind of got me started into the shooter genre . Most of what I remember about the game is the M79 a grenade launcher.

8). Fallout 3


A lot like Oblivion but with guns. VATS for me was one of the best video game mechanics there are. The whole post apocalyptic world was just awesome. But what was the deal with the talking tree? Bethesda did a great job at this game and supported it well with DLC.

7). God of War II


I love Mythology so it’s no surprise that I love God of War. The service it does to ancient mythology is almost spot on. It inspired me to learn even more about Greek mythology. It also doesn’t hurt that this one of the greatest game of all time to play. Oh and there’s a lot of awesome boss, epically the twins in the hot tub. Bowchickbowbow.

6). Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots


Technically this was a movie since it had 15 hours of cut-scenes at least. However the gameplay was awesome. Fighting in the middle of war as your character is dying. As the swan song of Solid Snake I absolutely enjoyed every moment. Especially the throw back level.

5). Assassin’s Creed


Not very many people enjoyed this game, epically to the level that I did. I admit that the game has it’s problems and the ending was very very gay. But you know what I enjoyed the rest of the game and I loved assassinating people.

4). BioShock


Another game with a horrible ending but that didn’t matter to me. The experience I had with this game was one of my favorites. I feel in love with this game at first sight and was never disappointed. The plasmids and upgrading system combined with the big daddies. I could go on for days about this game.

3). Halo 3


Master Chief’s final game (for now) and it was badass. Waited forever for this game but it was worth it. Played the crap out of it. Multiplayer, coop campaign, you name it. But Bungie why could I not fight Gravemind? And why must I always fight Guilty Sparks? Don’t get me wrong I love Halo 3 but I can’t wait for Halo 3.

2). Call of Duty 4Modern Warfare


When it comes down to it, Call of Duty 4 is arguably the best game ever made. At least until Modern Warfare 2 comes out. But it combines an outstanding story that I was completely immersed into and a multiplayer system I was obsessed with at for a while. It’s hard for any other game to compete with CoD 4 but only one can….

1) HalfLife 2 / The Orange Box


By itself Half-Life 2 is the best shooter there is. There was not a dull moment for me in this game, I loved every single second. But when The Orange Box came out it got even better. Because it included Episode 1 and Episode 2 both of which make Half-Life 2. Oh and there was a little game called Portal, which by itself could easily make it into my Top 50 of all time.


my top 50: 20 through 11

20). Halo 2


Halo is my favorite series. Halo 2 was the complete package, excellent campaign and excellent multiplayer. Now about that ending Bungie.

19). The Elder Scrolls IVOblivion

imgThe Elder Scrolls IV3

Yes I loved this game, yes I bought the horse armor. Yes it is a RPG, but it’s an action RPG which I really enjoyed. The experience and story really hooked me in. Gameplay was fun as well.

18). Left 4 Dead


I love Valve, I love zombies, and I love coop. Combining these 3 with some unique multiplayer, Left 4 Dead makes it pretty high on my list. Can’t wait for the sequel.

17). Saints Row 2


Yes I put this game higher than GTA IV, but I love this game much more. I love the gang element, customization, and crazy bat shit stuff you can do. I would have loved coop better if I could have found someone to play with me.

16). The Bigs / MLB09: The Show (MLB 09)


I couldn’t make up my mind. Both games make baseball a fun game to play. The Bigs has the fun over the top arcadey style which I love but MLB ’09 bring out the technical side that I also love.

15). Civilization Revolution


Never did I think I would enjoy Civilization. But once I downloaded the demo for Revolution I’ve been hooked ever since. The demo for Revolution holds the record for most time I’ve ever spent on a demo. The full game was even better.

14). GRID


I love driving games. Grid is one of my all time favorites. Codemasters did a great job on this, the visualization and car handling. Also the flashback were awesome.

13). BatmanArkham Asylum


Yes, this game was just released. However I loved it. The story was brilliant the gameplay was outstanding. I almost didn’t want the game to end. Also one of the very few games in which I actually collected everything.

12). Far Cry Instincts


One of the best FPS shooters I’ve ever played. I loved the beast powers you had as well. But the jungle environment really sets this game apart. Multiplayer is great, but if you ever get this game look up a map called Real Course and good luck.

11). Call of Duty 2


The best WW2 shooter ever made. Yes there are 1,000 out there but none will ever come close to this game. This game ranks at the very top for me.


my top 50: 30 through 21

30). Prey


This game was so messed up in soo many ways. But in a very good way. You play an Indian who gets abducted and from the shit hits the fan and you get puked on a lot. Some of the best weapons and most unique as well in a game.

29). Heavenly Sword


A very short game, at least by my standards. However some of the fights in this game are the best I ever played. Also includes the best use of six-axis I’ve seen.

28). Tomb RaiderLegend


A reboot of the series that really got me to enjoy these types of games again. I played some of the old Tomb Raiders but never really liked them until I played this one. Legend and Anniversary were some of the best Tomb Raider games.

27). Grand Theft Auto IV


So great of a game that I actually bought it twice. I’ve always been a big fan of the GTA series. GTA IV does a lot of big things and small things right. I really wish it would incorporate more of my favorite things from San Andreas but with the upcoming DLC, it looks like I’m getting my wish.

26). Red FactionGuerrilla


As previously stated I love to blow shit up and knock people around. Red Faction Guerrilla has all of the above. It even has mechs for me to tear buildings down. The fun factor was through the roof for me on this one. Multi-player was a huge bonus for me. The backpack system really sets itself apart.

25). UnchartedDrake’s Fortune


Very very similar to Tomb Raider, but honestly this game did a lot of things right. I have a feeling Uncharted 2 will be even better and I can’t wait.

24). Chrono Cross


It’s no secret I don’t like RPG’s, epically one’s that are turned based. But you know I played Chrono Cross back in the day and I loved it. Some of the crazy shit you could summon and the story was whacked up. I’m chasing this evil cat dude and all of sudden I’m the crazy evil cat dude. WTF?

23). Resident Evil 5


Someone actually talked me into this game. Never thought I would like Resident Evil but boy was I wrong. Turns out I loved the game so much I became a fan of all Resident Evil games. Just wish I could move and shoot at the same time.

22). Gears of War 2


Not the best shooter and not the best story. But when you put a chainsaw on a gun it just gets ridiculous. The coop elements were awesome and multiplayer was actually good.

21). Castle Crashers


Yes you read that right, I put an arcade title this high. Don’t underestimate Castle Crashers because it is hands down the best arcade game I’ve ever played. From shitting deer to fight a corn boss that shoots popcorn at you. The gameplay is just right and the depth is perfect.


My Top 50: 40 through 31

40). F.E.A.R. 2Project Origin


Not as scary as the first one (which I never beat) but had some of the best visualizations ever. Lasering a guy in half is always fun. Mech’s were also badass.

39). Halo Wars


Few RTS ever get my attention. But when you incorporate Halo I get interested. Surprisingly I enjoyed it  more than I expected.

38). Mirror’s Edge

mirrors-edge-20080115102322417 (1)

I am a sucker for the first person genre. Usually I enjoy FPS but this game captured me. The first person experience is unmatched. I felt like the main character and enjoyed the parkour.

37). Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2


Like I previously stated I just the FPS genre, sometimes though people make the third-person shooter. This is one that captures the military experience (as many do) and it captures it well.

36). Sonic the Hedgehog 2 / Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection


Sonic 2 will always have a special place in my heart as it’s the first game I ever owned/played. Nowadays the game doesn’t hold up well. When I grew up this game was the bomb. I also love the recent UGC they released that included this game.

35). Black


Soo shiney and great polish. Besides who doesn’t love blowing a wall down? I wish they would remake this game or make a sequel.

34). Madden NFL ‘96


Haha, look at these graphics. Holy cow it’s worse than Sonic 2. Say what you want but I loved the old Madden games and I can’t remember why. I miss the ambulance coming out to take a player out though.

33). Ninja Gaiden Black


The hardest game I ever played. I beat it too. The experience was interesting and the gameplay was fun. Bosses not so much.

32). Crackdown


Orbs, agency tower, car upgrades, upgrade system, superhero like powers, Halo 3 beta, what else can  I say about this game. One of my guilty pleasures.

31). Tom Clancy’s Splinter CellDouble Agent


Occasionally I enjoy a great stealth game. Splinter Cell is one of my favorites. I love the use of gadgets.


My Top 50: 50 through 41

50). Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X


Honestly one of the best flight simulators out there. If the game would have had better support it would have done better on my list.

49). Army of Two

army-of-two (1)

Loved the Co-op factor in this game. And it had one of the best upgrade systems ever. Pimping out your weapons. Bowchickbowbow

48). Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2


Yes this is very old school. This game got me into skateboarding, it was a lot of fun. This was also before it got very crazy and retarded.

47). LittleBigPlanet


The concept of the game is absolutely brilliant. However I wish it would fix the server issues because that would have made this game even better.

46). Perfect Dark


Honestly I didn’t play this game all that much. Played a lot of the multiplayer and it was a lot of fun.

45). Driver


Yes the graphics look horrible. This game had the hardest tutorial ever. Had to do a 180 parrell park in order to play the game. Lame. Honestly though this game was the shit back in the day for me.

44). UFC 2009 Undisputed


MMA never really had a game until now and honestly they hit it out of the park with this one. A little bit of improved career mode would have improved my experience.

43). Shadow Complex


How do you say anything about this game? This is what has motivated me to play Metroid and honestly Shadow Complex is one of the best arcade games ever made. This should have been a full retail game.

42). The Chronicles of RiddickAssault on Dark Athena


A movie game that doesn’t suck? Rarely does this happen, but when it did this game was awesome. One of my favorite original Xbox games.

41). Need for SpeedProStreet


Say what you want about Need for Speed. This was one of my favorite racers to play. Just the customization and the visualizations. It was awesome.


81st Annual Academy Awards Predictions

Here is my predictions for the OSCARS this year.


Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role

Richard  JenkinsRichard Jenkins                   THE VISITOR

Frank  LangellaFrank Langella                FROST/NIXON

Sean  PennSean Penn                      MILK
Brad  PittBrad Pitt                       THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON (Pick)
Mickey  RourkeMickey Rourke                THE WRESTLER

Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role

Josh  BrolinJosh Brolin                MILK
Robert  Downey Jr.Robert Downey Jr.                TROPIC THUNDER
Philip Seymour  HoffmanPhilip Seymour Hoffman              DOUBT
Heath  LedgerHeath Ledger                     THE DARK KNIGHT (PICK)
Michael   ShannonMichael Shannon                 REVOLUTIONARY ROAD

Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role

Angelina  JolieAngelina Jolie               CHANGELING
Melissa  LeoMelissa Leo              FROZEN RIVER
Meryl  StreepMeryl Streep              DOUBT

Kate  WinsletKate Winslet       THE READER (PICK)