my top 50: 20 through 11

20). Halo 2


Halo is my favorite series. Halo 2 was the complete package, excellent campaign and excellent multiplayer. Now about that ending Bungie.

19). The Elder Scrolls IVOblivion

imgThe Elder Scrolls IV3

Yes I loved this game, yes I bought the horse armor. Yes it is a RPG, but it’s an action RPG which I really enjoyed. The experience and story really hooked me in. Gameplay was fun as well.

18). Left 4 Dead


I love Valve, I love zombies, and I love coop. Combining these 3 with some unique multiplayer, Left 4 Dead makes it pretty high on my list. Can’t wait for the sequel.

17). Saints Row 2


Yes I put this game higher than GTA IV, but I love this game much more. I love the gang element, customization, and crazy bat shit stuff you can do. I would have loved coop better if I could have found someone to play with me.

16). The Bigs / MLB09: The Show (MLB 09)


I couldn’t make up my mind. Both games make baseball a fun game to play. The Bigs has the fun over the top arcadey style which I love but MLB ’09 bring out the technical side that I also love.

15). Civilization Revolution


Never did I think I would enjoy Civilization. But once I downloaded the demo for Revolution I’ve been hooked ever since. The demo for Revolution holds the record for most time I’ve ever spent on a demo. The full game was even better.

14). GRID


I love driving games. Grid is one of my all time favorites. Codemasters did a great job on this, the visualization and car handling. Also the flashback were awesome.

13). BatmanArkham Asylum


Yes, this game was just released. However I loved it. The story was brilliant the gameplay was outstanding. I almost didn’t want the game to end. Also one of the very few games in which I actually collected everything.

12). Far Cry Instincts


One of the best FPS shooters I’ve ever played. I loved the beast powers you had as well. But the jungle environment really sets this game apart. Multiplayer is great, but if you ever get this game look up a map called Real Course and good luck.

11). Call of Duty 2


The best WW2 shooter ever made. Yes there are 1,000 out there but none will ever come close to this game. This game ranks at the very top for me.


1 Response to “my top 50: 20 through 11”

  1. January 26, 2010 at 8:56 pm

    Left 4 dead is my favorite. I like trying 2 kill the hunters, Tanks, and the smokers!!!

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