my top 50: 30 through 21

30). Prey


This game was so messed up in soo many ways. But in a very good way. You play an Indian who gets abducted and from the shit hits the fan and you get puked on a lot. Some of the best weapons and most unique as well in a game.

29). Heavenly Sword


A very short game, at least by my standards. However some of the fights in this game are the best I ever played. Also includes the best use of six-axis I’ve seen.

28). Tomb RaiderLegend


A reboot of the series that really got me to enjoy these types of games again. I played some of the old Tomb Raiders but never really liked them until I played this one. Legend and Anniversary were some of the best Tomb Raider games.

27). Grand Theft Auto IV


So great of a game that I actually bought it twice. I’ve always been a big fan of the GTA series. GTA IV does a lot of big things and small things right. I really wish it would incorporate more of my favorite things from San Andreas but with the upcoming DLC, it looks like I’m getting my wish.

26). Red FactionGuerrilla


As previously stated I love to blow shit up and knock people around. Red Faction Guerrilla has all of the above. It even has mechs for me to tear buildings down. The fun factor was through the roof for me on this one. Multi-player was a huge bonus for me. The backpack system really sets itself apart.

25). UnchartedDrake’s Fortune


Very very similar to Tomb Raider, but honestly this game did a lot of things right. I have a feeling Uncharted 2 will be even better and I can’t wait.

24). Chrono Cross


It’s no secret I don’t like RPG’s, epically one’s that are turned based. But you know I played Chrono Cross back in the day and I loved it. Some of the crazy shit you could summon and the story was whacked up. I’m chasing this evil cat dude and all of sudden I’m the crazy evil cat dude. WTF?

23). Resident Evil 5


Someone actually talked me into this game. Never thought I would like Resident Evil but boy was I wrong. Turns out I loved the game so much I became a fan of all Resident Evil games. Just wish I could move and shoot at the same time.

22). Gears of War 2


Not the best shooter and not the best story. But when you put a chainsaw on a gun it just gets ridiculous. The coop elements were awesome and multiplayer was actually good.

21). Castle Crashers


Yes you read that right, I put an arcade title this high. Don’t underestimate Castle Crashers because it is hands down the best arcade game I’ve ever played. From shitting deer to fight a corn boss that shoots popcorn at you. The gameplay is just right and the depth is perfect.


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